We have child care facilities in Discovery Bay and Brentwood, California
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Marsh Creek Center Director

La Kisha Sloan
My goal is for children to learn how to accept people for who they are and to care about promoting equality and diversity back into the world. I want all students to always be able to say I am loved, I’m a respected individual and I make a difference through the things I’ve learned while at Aim High.

In 2001, I attended Chabot College which is where I completed my teaching education. Eventually, this led me to working with school-age children and there I found my true passion. In 2003, I moved to Hawaii to obtain my degree in dance. While in Hawaii I taught dance to school-age children.

I enjoy teaching children about various cultures, places they have never heard of and broadening their scope of life. This includes teaching different languages, different dance styles, and even food. My two favorite types of dances are Indian and Hula. With these two styles of dance, children learn the art of hard work, resilience, and tenacity.

At Aim High, I love to see children grow and blossom. It’s fun to see all their personalities change from grade to grade. I love seeing the kids put into practice what they’ve been taught. It makes me proud to be a part of their lives.

"Our family has been going to the Marsh Creek Aim High for close to four years. Our three children have enjoyed the experiences and lessons that they have participated and learned while attending. The teachers are knowledgable, kind and organized. We have the highest level of trust and respect for the staff at Aim High and continue to refer other families in our neighborhood. Our children enjoy attending both during the school week and in the summer/breaks because of all the fun and inclusive activities that are available to them. We highly recommend sending your child to Aim High! "
Jenn Garcia

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