We have child care facilities in Discovery Bay and Brentwood, California
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Lori Castillo

Lori A. Castillo

Executive Director
(925) 516-3945

Growing up, I watched my mom go to school and get her teaching degree and become a classroom teacher. Later she went back to school to get her masters. As a little girl I always thought it would be fun to teach.

In college, I studied psychology and became very intrigued with how children develop and learn. My passion is helping people that need a little bit of extra help-everyone deserves compassion and understanding.

I have worked many jobs from pre-schoolers to teens and absolutely love school age children. Having children of my own, this is the age that intrigues me the most. They are independent and yet not so independent that they don't need help and guidance. I love challenging them to be better than what they were the day before-always striving for a personal best.

I have been with Aim High since 1997 and I have worn many hats. I have been a teacher as well as director and now work in the accounting department. I help most of our parents through email and much of my work is done behind the scenes of the daily operations of our centers. But truth be told, I love the opportunity to go and spend the day with the children.

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