We have child care facilities in Discovery Bay and Brentwood, California
What Our Families Say...
Robin and Rick

"My husband and I (grandparents) are so very grateful for Aim High. Entire staff is so caring and supportive. They bring such a positive environment. They are truly Family!

We love you Ms. La Kisha and entire staff."

Michelle Waters

"My two children have attended Aim high over the last several years. Its teachers, environment, and convenience has been absolutely perfect for our family. Every teacher my kids have grown a connection with. They all truly pour their hearts into what they do. I couldn’t ask for a better program during the pandemic as well. Highly recommended program."

Krista G.

"This is our first experience with Aim High and we couldn’t be more pleased! The staff knew all of our names after our first meeting and always make us feel welcome. They welcome communication and are willing to work with families to ease transitions. We always look forward to our Aim High after school days!"

Tracy and Nathan Nelson

"We’ve had our boys at Garin Aim High since 2017. We cannot say enough about how the staff goes above and beyond. The safety measures, organization, and care for each individual child is apparent daily. We will forever be grateful for what they all did for our children to continue their education and socialization during the Covid-19 shutdown. Kristina and staff communicates consistently, has our full trust, and are highly recommended for before/after school care."

Julie P.

"Even through the difficult Covid-19 Pandemic, Aim High was there! A safe Distance Learning environment was created, making sure the students and staff were safe. This was indeed a very difficult time, however, being able to see his teachers and friends in person (at a safe distance) was something my social butterfly needed. I cannot praise Aim High enough and am SO thankful for everything they do! Enrolling in Aim High is one of the best decisions we ever made for our child. The teachers are truly AMAZING and do a fantastic job."


"Since day one we have had the best experience with all the teachers. This is my daughter’s second year at Aim High. They are so attentive; keep you updated and love your children. My 4yr old now attends Aim High as well. He was so scared his first day but quickly got loved on so much by the teachers. They’re his favorite! I couldn’t have asked for better. As a mother that over worries, I am glad that the Aim High staff is so caring. The fact that they walk your small children to their TK/K class makes me feel good, one less thing to worry about. My oldest gets walked up to the gate. I know my kids are safe with them. Thank you, Aim High, for being awesome to our kids. You are all rockstars!"

Carling T.

"Ron Nunn Aim High has been an integral part of our son, Sawyer’s academic success. Ms. Alexis and Ms. Kiana have gone above and beyond to make him not only feel safe, but to make him feel important. He is always greeted with enthusiasm and high fives, which he loves! They have helped him homework and academic development through various activities in the summer. He loves the Science Days! Their engagement has provided him with the support and confidence he needs to tackle each day. Our family feels privileged to have such an amazing team at Ron Nunn Aim High taking such great care of our son. We are grateful for them each and every day!"

The Rose Family

"I cannot say enough about how amazing Livier and her whole staff is. My daughter has learned so much in such a short time and loves all of her teachers. She gets excited every morning to go to Timber Point! The staff always have big smiles on their faces and greets all the kids when they come in. As a parent it makes me feel so good that I know I am leaving my child with people that care for her and are teaching her skills that will stay with her forever.

Thank you all for the great job you all do every day!"


"I wanted to share my experience with Garin Aim High. My daughter Marissa began the summer before starting TK. We were at a new school so knew very few people. The director Kristina was very helpful and put me at ease on day 1. The entire staff has exceeded our expectations since the very beginning. They have helped with distance learning, homework and go out of their way to make the program fun. My daughter has learned about healthy nutrition, limiting sugar and why exercise is important. I love that they are promoting health. I am a mother of 4 and this is by far the best before and after school care we have ever had. Not only does our daughter adore every teacher, but she has met her best friends at Aim High. It's truly like a family environment and I could see very early on that every teacher pours their heart into these kids. They put safety first with every child, which is so important these days and they help the kids resolve small day to day conflicts to help teach them important life skills. We give this center a 10 out of 10."

Tamesha Shaw

"My experience at Pioneer Aim High has been nothing short of awesome. My oldest daughter attended beginning in Kindergarten and she is now in the 10th grade. For a short while she attended another Aim High due to space and the experience was the same. My youngest daughter currently attends and loves it!!! Before she was school age, she patiently awaited her opportunity to attend as she would often want to stay with her sister. During that time my youngest bonded with the teachers and children. She was no stranger when her time came. :) Both my girls have learned so much at Aim High regarding various cultures, science, history, themselves etc. The staff is attentive, caring and open to new ideas. Even when school is not in session my youngest asked to attend Aim High, it's either to see friends, not to miss a planned activity or "special guest" amongst other things. My experience throughout the span of 10 years has been amazing. I encourage all to share in the awesomeness of Aim High."

Cecilia T.

"I cannot say enough about how AMAZING Aim High has been for our family! We are a family with two working parents with demanding jobs. When it came to choosing before/after school care- we wanted to choose somewhere where our child can learn, thrive, feel safe and have fun! Aim High provided this and more! The staff helped my child feel welcomed and accepted from the very beginning! The structured day to day flow gave our child stability and he looked forward to the fun activities/learning time that he would be able to experience. Whether it is day-to-day homework sessions, enriching and inspiring activities, summer camp and school break activities planned each day, or, most importantly, teachers who care about the individuality of each child and create a safe space to thrive… Aim High has been a huge blessing for our Family.

During the COVID pandemic and school schedules changing from in person to virtual, Aim High was able to adapt in assisting students with schooling, getting them into their zoom classes, homework, class assignments and more- while still providing excellent care after the school day was complete. As a parent, it was such a relief knowing that my child was still academically on track with people who cared about the importance of education and keeping life consistent in the changing world that surrounded them.

We can honestly say that as a result of our son attending Aim High, he has been able to grow, learn more than we feel we would be able to teach him alone, and truly become a more exceptional, responsible, kind and respectful person."

Chelsea T.

"We love you all!!! We started our first girl at Aim High the summer before she started Kindergarten. I remember the director at the time telling me they were like a family that grows with the children each year and it couldn't be truer for us 3 years and 2 children later. They have such a wonderful staff that is kind, responsive, and not to mention excellent cooks! Anytime I have a question or need for my child they get back to me quickly. Or, if there is a concern with my child, they are sure to reach out to make sure everything is okay. They offer homework programs after school which takes a load off of working parents. They do fun summer programs and themes each day that our children look forward to. When we see the Aim High teachers on campus our girls get so excited and it warms our hearts seeing them give hugs. After the prior director left, Ms. Alexis, the new director, made the transition seamless and has done an excellent job leading the Ron Nunn Campus. We are grateful for Ms. Alexis, Ms. Kiana, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Lynn, and Ms. Maddie for all of their hard work!"

Ashley M.

"All 3 of my kids now go to Aim High and they all love it! The teachers are like family and when we walk in every morning it's like dropping them off at their second home. We're always greeted with a warm welcome from staff and students alike.

I love the structure and schedule that Aim High has in place; it makes for an easy transition of the school day for myself and the kids. I also love that Aim High offers breakfast and snacks; this helps immensely and the kids love the variety they get each day!

Another one of my favorite things about Aim High are the activity calendars during the school breaks. They are so fun and the kids always look forward to it!

We are so thankful to have Aim High in our lives. We look forward to spending several more years with them while our kids are at MCB!"

Tammy B.

"Garin Aim High has been phenomenal in taking care of all the kids in this center. We have had all three of our kids enrolled at this center and have so much trust in the staff. The Director, Kristina does an excellent job running the program, planning activities, and getting to know the parents/guardians of all the kids. It really makes a difference when you know and feel comfortable with who you’re leaving your kids with each day. The teachers work hard at ensuring the kids start their homework, get some exercise with activities, while bringing out their creative sides with beautiful art projects. I love seeing these creations come home!

Thanks so much to the staff at Garin Aim High for not only making it a safe and clean place to learn and have fun, but overall making sure our kids leave happy each day. It has been such a quality experience since day one."

Taren T.

"My daughter has attended the Aim High program since she was in TK and now as a second grader she’s just as excited to walk through those doors as she was when she first started. This program has been everything to my family, not only are they always open for working parents they continue to educate the little ones after school. My daughter came home one day from Aim High telling me she learned what the word “compliment” meant and started to use it in sentences from that day on. She loves attending Aim High and refuses to leave before giving everyone a hug. Aim High has gone above and beyond for me and my daughter more than once and I couldn’t be happier that we found this extended family. I continue to look forward to 3 more years with the Aim High community.
Thank you, Aim High!"