We have child care facilities in Discovery Bay and Brentwood, California
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Nicole Castillo - Aim High Child care

Brentwood Center Director

Nicole Castillo
(925) 513-9326
My goal is to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment where every student is valued and respected, and where their unique strengths and needs are recognized and supported. Through engaging and differentiated instruction, I strive to help my stude nts develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in school and in life.

I want to provide a positive and enriching learning experience for my students. I believe building strong relationships with my students, providing regular feedback, and recognizing and rewarding effort and progress gives students the confidence to learn new things. Watching students discover something for the first time or trying something new is very rewarding for me. I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to teach something or even learning something new with the kids! Everyday is a new adventure! I've 'been at Aim High since I was a toddler and I think it gave me great tools to be successful, not just in school, but in all aspects of my life. I have very fond memories as a child at Aim High and I want to create memories that are just as impactful.

"As two full-time, often over-time, working parents, we cannot begin to express our gratitude for the high level of support and care we have received from Aim High over the past 5+ years. Many things have evolved and transitioned through the COVID experience, but Aim High has remained a constant and familiar home base for our kids. Whether it be before school, after school, or the summer camp program, Aim High offers a structured environment that encourages learning through fun. Every single teacher who has spent time at the Brentwood Elementary campus has made a lasting impression on both us as parents and on our kids. The Aim High staff is a daily example of going above and beyond and we are forever grateful. "
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