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Three of my four children have gone to Aim High’s program. The oldest is now in 10th grade and the youngest still participates in the program. Our youngest son Ricky has been attending Aim High since the summer before Kindergarten. He loves Aim High, all of the teachers, and all of his friends. Even on some of my days off during the summer, he asked me if he could go for a few hours. Sometimes when I go to pick him up, he says he’s not ready to go home yet.....

Aim High has been so great to all of our children. They have a very structured program. Each year they change the subjects that our children learn about, have family BBQ's, perform plays for the parents, go on many awesome field trips, have special guests and most of all provide a safe familiar place for our children before and after school. I also love how they read to our children everyday, provide them with healthy snacks and health education so that our children can make healthy food choices while not at Aim High.

Another great thing is that Aim High is so convenient. It is directly on our schools campus and I never have to worry if our children are there safe. It’s an all around awesome place. I am so thankful for Aim High and its SUPER staff and I HIGHLY recommend it!


Jessica P.
Mother of 3 who have attended Aim High over the years

Jacob and I love your program. He comes home talking about all the things he has learned and I sometimes think he is talking about school but he is talking about Aim High. He learns and enjoys more there than I think he does in school. It’s like he goes to school, then after school he goes to fun school (Aim High). All the songs he learns for the plays you put on are the best.

I LOVE to listen to him practice. I can go on and on about how much I love your program.

THANK YOU for being so great!


I wanted to share my experience at Aim High. I want to validate and compliment the Director and Staff. Kristina Upton and her staff are excellent. I enrolled my son the summer before Kindergarten in June of 2007. I wanted him to feel comfortable making the transition from pre-school to Elementary school. It was a smooth transition. The staff and the Director were always greeting me with a smile and a warm hello. I felt confident in leaving my child, as each day he was greeted by name and always asked to join in right away. There were things I wasn't expecting that are a great bonus and I brag to as many people as I can.

Theme based learning. I think my son has learned more at Aim High in the past year than in Kindergarten..... He's really maturing and coming home with lots of fun facts on a regular basis. His writing is improving and he's more responsible and focused. Love the current Unit on the Travel through the United States.

Theater. Last year my son was a part of the Aim High performance put on in October. This year they are doing a tribute to Motown... Can't wait. Connections. I think my child has made more friends and friends of different ages than he would have if he didn't attend Aim High. It's like a family. I love that.

I always suggest to parents who ask that Aim High is one of the best run centers I've ever been to. I used to run an After- School Child Care facility in San Ramon, and Kristina far exceeds the program I was a part of. Very professional and mature. The children are well behaved and show care and concern for others in the program.

I can't say enough good things about Aim High and the Staff. I have personally tried to recruit parents to get their kids to go to Aim High and there are at least three children who have joined on my recommendation.

Thanks for doing a Great Job! Keep it up!

Christine P.

I think Aim High is doing a great job of keeping the children active with activities and education. I like that Aim High continues a curriculum with the children after school and in the summer time. I think it helps the children to retain what they have learned throughout the school year. Keep up the good work :)

Anna M.

Aim High is such a blessing for us. Not only does it provide childcare for our child while we are working but it also teaches our child how to be responsible. Our child says that her teachers at Aim high are very kind, generous, and patient. She learns something new every day.

Parents of Audrey Laine C.

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