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Lisa DeLuca

Marsh Creek Center Director
My goal is to bring out my students’ love of learning and to find their true potential as leaders in our community.

I first found my passion for working with young children when my little brother was born. Helping my mother care for him led me to enjoy caring for other children as well. I would keep track of kids younger than me at family get-togethers and I started setting up my classroom where I would teach my brother how to read. I have constantly pursued caring for children through all aspects of my life from babysitting in my early teens to becoming certified as a camp counselor during high school. It only made sense to obtain a career in childcare after college.

I enjoy working with my students on their abilities in areas where they lack confidence. Since working for Aim High I have found true happiness in encouraging our students to grow and become confident in their abilities. Helping them discover new ways of learning and watching that “light bulb” go off in their mind is something that drives me to find additional ways to expand their education. The most rewarding part for me is seeing students I cared for as Kindergarteners graduate as 5th graders.

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