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Our Staff

Kristina Upton

Garin Center Director
(925) 516-7257
My goal for the children is for them to develop the self confidence and ethics needed to become a productive member of society by providing them with a loving, fun, safe and caring environment in which to learn these skills in.

Ever since I was in Preschool, I knew I wanted to teach. I loved seeing the excitement that would build when the teacher was working with us and the joy we felt when we achieved our goal. The pride I felt in my accomplishments and those of the kids around me marked the point I knew what I wanted to do for my career. As I continued to work on my education, I came to work with children in the before and after school setting. While working with these children I felt fueled by the same excitement I have felt as a child and knew this was where I belonged.

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Garin Center Director
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