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Our Staff

Desiree Lopez

Brentwood Center Director
(925) 513-9326
My goal is to create a positive impact on their lives so that they always remember the important things that I told them and feel encouraged in a sometimes discouraging world.

Working with children was such an obvious choice for me. From the time I was very little, I enjoyed putting my stuffed animals and dolls in chairs and having a school in my living room. These were some of my happiest childhood memories. I just think that I have the most amazing experiences that other adults do not get to have. In fact, many adults say 'I have to go to work'. I say, 'I get to go to work'. I learn so much from children, like how to have fun, relax, enjoy life, and focus on the process instead of the product.

So many of us get too busy to have fun and it is amazing to watch children because they are always seeking ways to have more fun! I also love having an impact on their lives. I often hear children repeating things that I have taught them, sometimes they actually quote me!

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