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We have 7 child care facilities in Brentwood, CA 94513



Our homework center is open each afternoon and is monitored by the site director. Our goal is to offer assistance to children whether it is to help with memorizing math facts or guiding children to the correct resource to locate the needed information. A quiet place is provided for study and reading. We teach and reinforce good study habits.

Computer Center

Our tablets and Chromebooks are loaded with software to enrich and enhance their cognitive skills. We encourage all the children to use the computers during their after school time with us. The children have online accessibility to the web with teacher monitoring when doing homework or researching a topic. There is no excuse for not finding the information they need for their reports.

Arts & Crafts

The teachers & staff create weekly themes and the activities for arts & crafts that relate to these themes. This is a very popular center in the afternoon. We give the children ideas and let them expand and create. Each child's project is unique and different depending on their ideas. We believe in fostering creativity and allowing the child to decide what the outcome of their project should be. Our teachers use the curriculum "Arts Attack" as part of our arts program. This is a DVD based teaching program that teaches a concept and then the children create their own masterpiece.

Music & Drama

Drama is taught weekly at Aim High and teaches children strong public speaking skills. Children learn to use the whole stage, plant their feet, make good eye contact, project their voice, and act. This promotes confidence and self-esteem. Once a year, children and staff host a big production on the stage in the Multi-purpose Room that reflects all of the learning that is going on at Aim High


At our center time, children choose an activity with three to four other children that have the same interest. During this time the children are strengthening their negotiating skills, interpersonal, creative and social skills. When children are polled, Learning Center time is always voted The Best!


These centers allow our children to experiment and experience new ideas and theories. They might choose carpentry or brick making to fill their time. Lots of learning happens when children are allowed to explore on their own. Children are naturally inquisitive and the science center is a great place for them to spend time touching, testing, and learning. Our animals allow children to experience life and understand the care and nurturing required for others.

Physical Education

Aim-High teachers use Sparks PE curriculum written especially for after school programs. This program stresses everyone participating and being active to increase their heart rate. Good sportsmanship is taught and winning is diminished. After being in school all day, playing PE is a great way to exercise and relax!

Class Tour

Our Brentwood Director, Desiree, take you on a tour of our child care center.

Nutritious Meals and Snacks

At Aim High, we serve balanced meals and snacks designed to meet the nutritional needs of the developing child. Grains, fruits and vegetables, and proteins are all a part of staying strong, healthy, and assist children in thriving! In addition to that, we teach children through our nutrition program, how to make healthy food choices as well as the importance of rest, minimizing stress, and getting plenty of exercise.

All of our sites are “Junk Food Free Zones” so that children can understand and practice what they are learning in our nutrition program. We appreciate our parents supporting this healthy philosophy!