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Shannon McCormick

Marsh Creek Center Director
“Don’t give up! I believe in you all. A person is a person, no matter how small” -- Dr. Seuss

My goal at Marsh Creek is to create a safe, high quality, fun and loving environment for children to enjoy.

I know as a parent myself, that there is no greater responsibility than caring for children. I have always loved working with children. While growing up, when I was asked “what do you want to do when you grow up?” my answer was always, “I want to be a Mom”. I have worked with children for over 20 years. One of the great things about working in childcare is there is NEVER a dull moment. Whether it be watching a “light bulb” go on for a child while learning, or seeing them laughing and bonding with their friends, it is always a fun-filled day. To me this is not a job; but a career that I absolutely adore.

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